Ranger's Apprentice Book 7

Erak's Ranson by John Flanagan

Books 1-4 deal with Will's early years as an apprentice
Books 5 and 6 describe his first missions as a graduate Ranger
Book 7 is just before Will graduates.

And it starts off with the most amazing thing SPOILER 
Halt's wedding!! Which means me SOOO happy! You have no idea!! I like who he choose and it's perfect! My only issue with this book is that book 6 leaves Will running off to do something crazy and I want to know how it goes! Hopefully book 8 will continue from there!

I love Erak and his team of sailors! I also like the new addition to the team Selethen. I am also glad that Evanlyn is back in the story. I liked the massive sword part just before the execution. I also enjoyed the tiff between Evanlyn and Alyssa!

BUT I am off to read book 8!

Happy Reading!!