Ranger's Apprentice Book 10

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja by John Flanagan

I enjoyed this book and I enjoyed it for many reasons.

1. I love Japanese culture and while I don't know all the terms he used and if the battle formation were accurate I still enjoyed every bit of it
2. I like the names the 'crew' was given at the end. They suited each character perfectly. My favorite of course was Horace and Halt's Japanese names.
3. I enjoyed the girls part of the story. They took action in a man's battle field. Made themselves useful and stuck up for themselves
4. I like how the girls became friends. I also enjoyed how they worked out there problems and came to an understanding. Jealousy does blind.

About the only thing I didn't enjoy was Horace's announcement at the end. I wish they had waited to see the King first. To me it would have made more sense. However it was nice to see him take action.

I am so sad this series is coming to an end. I have two books left but I only own one more. I can't believe how fast I have blitz through this series.