Ranger's Apprentice Book 11

The Lost Stories by John Flanagan 

These short stories were written because John got lots of questions from fans regarding different aspects of Ranger's life, Will's life, Halt's past, Tug, and more. At first I was annoyed not having another adventure, but the stories were wonderful! My favorite was The Hiberian and The Wolf. There's nine stories in total

It doesn't feel like Will ever aged. According to the last stories in this book, Will has to be 31-32 years old. He retires Tug after they have been together for 15-16 years and he got Tug when he was 16.

Then he marries Alyssa. I wanna say they waited a rather long time but so did Halt.

Only one left to read... which I don't have yet :( but I'll get it!! Fingers crossed soon!