The Last Apprentice

I am Grimalkin or Grimalkin the Witch Assassin by Joseph Delaney

I have always enjoyed the Grimalkin story. She is a very interesting character. This story satisfied my curiosity of her. You got to hear tales of how Grimalkin came to be the witch assassin, why she hated the fiend and what she did as a young child to protect herself.

She goes from being a hold-hearted assassin to a loving older sister to completely insane. The ending is very dramatic and I am curious about Grimalkin and Alice's relationship.

I also have forgotten what a Malevolent Witch is and why does Alice fear it so much. I feel like the Spooks lack of knowledge is causing Alice to be scared excessively too much. Having an understanding and control is a much better way of handling something. Kinda reminds me of Frozen... if Elsa's parents had not taught her to be afraid the whole story would be different. Even if she had to hide her powers but not be afraid of them it would have been different.

Anyways that's kinda off topic. I am curious as to Alice's new hair color and how that will affect Tom and the Spook.

Happy Reading!

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