Be Rebellious: Fight Back Against A Culture That Doesn't Care About You by Megan Clinton

I just could not finish this book. It was/is awful.  I think a big part of it, is that I started reading this book and a very similar one to it and my notes started to get wonky.

To start I get where she is coming from and what she is trying to do. She is trying to get Women to Stand Up and Be Rebellious, to think out of the box and to move forward.

But she goes about it all wrong. Instead of learning to trust yourself and become strong. She trades everything for God, ie trades boys for God as a relationship. Trust God when your Dad is an abusive asshole. Trust God when your boyfriend throws you down the stairs. Trust God to make you strong enough to handle peer pressure.

God is good for some people. But self believe that you are strong enough. That you deserve the best and that you are worth just as much as the beautiful girl standing beside you, that comes from within and God has nothing to do with it.

Some notes I made during my reading
She says - "It's easy to get caught in the crossfire between feminism, Hollywood, and religious dogma."

She Says - "at the same time we've got to also rebel against the idea that good Christian girls don't care about or enjoy sex. I want to be attractive. I want to be noticed. To turn my husband on. And enjoy what God says is beautiful between a husband and a wife"
My Thoughts - At least she doesn't use the terms man and wife. I don't like the fact that she only brings up the point of turning the husband on. A woman also needs to be turned on.
It is not wrong for a woman to have sexual desires. It needs to be know that Christian women are allowed to not only enjoy sex but also have orgasm and be pleasures too. Sex is not just about the man's pleasure. Sex should be equal

She says - "The Shulamite woman - king Solomons bride."
My Thoughts -  Who is this???

She quotes - John 4:24 God watches us have sex...
My thoughts - And likes it... Wtf

She quotes - "A woman warns about having sex to early Song of Solomon 3:5"
My Thoughts - Sex tears us up because we (aka religious people) make it something to be ashamed of. For example - We need porn to become nothing. It's power is in its secrecy.

She says - "so, what if you're no longer a virgin? What if you struggle because you were sexual abused"
My Thoughts - Why does everything lead to sexual abuse. Yes it happens and it happens frequently but it's not always the case. Why can't someone right about sex and not bring that up.

My Thoughts - She quotes allot of Song of Solomon. There's allot of sex in that book.

My END Note: There's definitely a crowd for this book. But this book could have been so so much more and it was a great disappointment.

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