The Last Apprentice

Lure of the Dead by Joseph Delaney

I can't believe I've read 10 books in this series! I really enjoyed this book. I think it's a good thing I took a break from the series and came back to it. I still think the Grimalkin is my favorite book but this is a close second.

I think the reason for that is because the Spook isn't such a big factor in the books. The Spook is super opinionated and usually wrong. So as a character he has been annoying me and as such it is nice to see Tom grow and come into his own.

Tom's Mam in this book is very different. Actually since the beginning of the series each book Mam gets a little more darker and strange and more like the creature she actually is.

I am a little disappointed in how the ending creature is defeated. But it fit with the story. Anyways I'm off to read the next book!!

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