Anne of Green Gables

L.M Montgomery

I know the Anne of Green Gables tale so well, between the book, the movies and the show, it's deeply ingrained in me. It has been many years though and rereading it has brought back so many memories.

I honestly don't event want to review it. Just make a note that I have read it and that I don't yet own the whole series which is very disappointing. I've made Kevin find the movies and show for me to rewatch. But I wanted to finish the books before I began those.

I do however own Anne of Avonlea and I also read it. I don't know it as well as I do Anne of Green Gables (though I doubt anyone can forget Anne being called "carrots" and her reaction). However I really enjoyed it.

It was nice to see how Anne and Gilbert's relationship changed. Miss Lavendar and Charolatte the Fourth was most interesting. I can't wait to see Davy, Dora, Paul Irving grow up. Oh and how Miralla and Mrs Lynnde do and you can't forget about Diana.

I am so glad I have the next book at least. I am so glad that some how I managed to read 8 books in this insane month. And I am so hoping things are slowing down soon

XOXO - Happy Reading

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