The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

Two week ago I entered a contested hosted by Heather on The Proud Book Nerd. And then I won!! The book is

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

and it's the 50th Anniversary edition. It is seriously the most beautiful cover! I received it barely 5 days after winning! And devoured it immediately.

This is a book I feel like I should know something about and yet I don't. This is not a new series. In fact the author died in 2007. This copy is being released for the 50th anniversary of the book.

I guess this 'review' contains SPOILERS

The story of Taran is most interesting and I want to devour the rest of the series. But I want them all in matching hardcovers. I hope they rerelease them all.

Eilonwy is my favorite character. I want to know more about her Orb. I want to know how they both grow up. I want to know more details about Hen Wen. Does Gurgi change? Does Doli stay with them. Taran isn't a prince which is an unusual twist to a story.

I am so happy to add this to my collection! I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick refreshing read and exactly what I needed.

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