The Giver Quartet

Son by Lois Lowry

I can not believe I didn't write a review after finishing this book. I really did finish reading it almost immediately after finishing Messenger. And yet I can not find where I wrote it down.

I wish Wordfest would bring people like Lois Lowry in. I would love to have her sign the books. I would love to hear her speak. I would die!! (maybe not literally, but I would probably be so shy I couldn't speak!)

All the characters connected in this book. Almost everyone was there. And it was so nice to see them. It was also so amazing to hear another story from a different point of view (aka an adults)

There are so many things about this series you just have to love. I wish I could buy it for the many wonderful people in my life so they could all enjoy it. One day maybe. For now I will lend it out when someone needs a good story and I will reread it when I need to ground myself.

Happy Reading.

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