Frog Music by Emma Donoghue

I got this book for free while working at Wordfest (I just love the cover... those a "bullet" holes in the front). I wasn't organized enough to get Emma Donoghue to sign it. However everyone kept/keeps recommending reading her book called "Room". And while I am still undecided if I will pick that one up, I did manage to read through this book.

I say managed because it was a struggle to get through this book. The main character in the book is dancer working at a whore house. Some of the scenes were explicit. And while I have read some erotica it is not my thing and this was not good sex. It was terrible and abusive. It was shocking and not what I had expected when I picked the book up.

I am not yet sure if I enjoyed the story. It definitely had the shock factor and was written well. But those aren't points to make a good book. It's definitely not something I would read again. Which makes me wonder if I would actually like her other books.

Parts that I did enjoyed included a first hand look at the smallpox epidemic happening in San Fransisco 1867. As well as the baby dens or whatever you would call them.

I also enjoyed how the baby's cry interrupted a scene in the book that I was planning on page skipping. Because of that cry it lead to a much better scene than what the character wanted. Who never I would ever be happy to hear a baby cry.

And while this book isn't my cup of tea. I am sure it's someone else's. So if you would like a book to read and this one sounds like something you would enjoy, let me know!

Happy Reading!

P.S. I am so annoyed I seem to have misplaced the cover. Fingers crossed I find it. I would hate to give it away without the whole reason I picked it up!

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