Anne of Windy Poplars

It has taken me a good two weeks to read this book. It is long and full of so many details. In my childhood readings of Anne I never did make it as far as thing book so allot of it was new. My memories of the movies/TV show did cover some of what is in this book but unfortunately books are never made into movies well and well those stories were equally fascinating reading the actual book has been so much better. My favorite character in this tale is Little Elizabeth. Such a sweetheart. I found the Windy Willows occupants entertaining with their secret nooks and face washing.

I think the most interesting thing about reading L.M. Montgomery books is the memories it brings me. Things I had forgotten about. For example in grade 8, one of the girls I was friends with loved L.M Montgomery books and did her presentation on her. It was such a strange thing to discover because she was the complete opposite of the type of person I had always assumed read stories. I think it was one of the reasons we became friends. We bonded over great stories. I also have discovered that my writing has changed a little with reading about Anne. My writing has gotten a little more flourished and my descriptions are a little longer. I notice it mostly when I am texting Kevin and a simple text with the basic idea turns into a story. He seems to find it quite entertaining.

For now, I am off to the next book. I feel I may have read this one a little out of order. But that’s okay I’ll step back and then catch up.

Happy Reading

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