Anne's House of Dreams

This book is perfectly titled. And I wish I could write as eloquently as Montgomery does. Because the words describing the House of Dreams are simply a delight to read.

My favorite line

"I have a little brown cocoon of an idea that may possibly expand into a magnificent moth of fulfilment"

However to write this review I must include a SPOILERS alert

I stopped reading this Anne book because it broke my part. Anne has a baby and she dies. It's terrible. And while I don't like children when one is carried to full term and wanted so desperately I am very sad when it doesn't work out. I hadn't known this about the Anne books and I had to take a break to 'mourn' her loss a little before continuing on.

Captain Jim. His character is interesting and I first I thought he was refreshing. However I have also discovered his is extremely sexist. Women are meant to be pretty but can't write and don't think logically. He really started to grate on me half ways through the book. I did however love how he felt about his life book, even if he didn't feel a woman was not an adequate human to write it.

Leslie Moore. A most interesting creature with a heart breaking beginning and a pretty amazing ending. I found the argument that Gilbert and Anne have over her a little silly. Mostly because I sided with Gilbert. Leslie had the right to know and make the decision for herself. If Leslie had had access to internet in her day it would have been a different matter. But someone needed to discuss it with her.

I have enjoyed the Anne series however I think I need to read something a little different for a bit. I am so close to reading 100 books this year. Originally I was thinking I won't even hit 88. But now I am sitting at 95 books with the completion of this one and I am so close!!

Happy Reading! I must get back to it!

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