Black Butler Vol 15 and 16

Vol 15
I have read this one previously but it's been so long I decided to go back and do a reminder read.
I'm glad I did - Ceil has gone to school and there was lots of drama. I like how it's called public school but it reminds me of a private boarding school. But Britain does have different names for things.
I've missed Sebastian. He's wonderful! Though I do miss Ceils house and the other servants there (who's names I can't currently place...)

Off to read the next Volume

Vol 16
This volume is obsessed with Cricket. It explains all the details of how the game works. I know nothing of the game and it's confusing to read. However some of the art was fascinating and the best parts were the meat pies and cheering sections.

However it ended in a major cliffhanger. Thankfully I have Volume 17 and I'm off to read it!

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