The Virgin's Lover

The Virgin's Lover by Phillipa Gregory

I wasn't aware this was part of a series.
I always thought I liked Phillipa Gregory.
I suppose my tastes have changed yet again.
I think I might be evolving as allot of books no longer sound interesting to me like they did before.
I wish I had enjoyed this book.
I was originally hoping to finish this book in 2014 so it could count as book number 100!
However I just couldn't get into it. Elizabeth was so whiny!
The book dragged on, I just wanted Elizabeth to get on with it.
God, she was so annoying.
And then there's the wife Amy Dudley.
Seriously if you want him that bad and he refuses to come to go
GO to HIM. For fucks sake stop allowing him to leave you in the dust and sleep with the queen.
I do not want to spend my time reading about women who won't do anything to change their circumstances. I don't care what era they are from. Like seriously here are 12 Historical Women Who Didn't Give a Fuck. They are what I want to read about!

Hoping future books will be better.

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