Such Wicked Intent

Such Wicked Intent (The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein #2) by Kenneth Oppel

I find that Kenneth Oppel's books are wonderful but always rushed at the end. I would have preferred a little more detailing. Maybe an update on how the characters Mom was or who Elizabeth marries.

I grabbed this book excited to read another book by Kenneth Oppel and then discovered it was book 2! When I discovered this I was sitting in the bathtub ready to spend the next hour devouring the book. The choice was to stay, enjoy my water and read the second book of a series I hadn't yet started or to get out and find another book. Obviously I choose to read.

While it would be great to have known how Konrad died and how Victor lost his fingers. The story didn't seem to be missing pieces that didn't make sense.

I enjoyed the presence of Konrad and Victor's parents in this book. They were around to encourage, educate, and scold. But the children were still able to move about and do things. The relationship felt real. Parents weren't just absent and none existent. It's refreshing. I think they would have even notice something was up if they hadn't been absorbed in grief.

I kinda feel that in book one they did notice and either helped hoping the Elixir of Life would work or discovered it to late to do anything about.

Either way this was a fabulous read, I am glad to add it to my shelf. Also I love the cover!!

Happy Reading!

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