Witch and Wizard; The Gift


Witch and Wizard; The Gift by James Patterson and Ned Rust

Finding this book on goodreads was a pain in the arse. But I finally found it. It's the second book which makes more sense. I feel like there was tons of missing parts and if I had read the first book I might not have felt that way. It's definitely not something that's stand alone. I hate books that can't carry themselves but need others to complete.

I am unsure if I enjoyed this story. I don't think I enjoyed it enough to keep my copy of the book. But I might search for the first book. I would like to know more. I feel like these would be great characters that I would enjoy if I wasn't so confused.

I liked Whit and Whisty's names. I enjoyed the first scene and the fire. I did not enjoy their parents or the teenage creatures. I could not figure out what was up with Bryion, other than he was a very messed up kid that really needs to die.

And that's it! Happy Reading!

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