Red Queen Trilogy


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I picked this up because of Epic Reads. They kept showing it on their instagram and they even did a DIY on the crown that is shown on the cover. Even though I have dozens of books to read, nothing interests me. For all of February I read two books! That's insane for someone who spent most of the month at home. I think a big reason behind this is it none of what I was reading was fantasy. I have a genre. I enjoy this genre and while I don't mind exploring other genres I always come back.

Red Queen was the perfect book for me to restart with. There was a strong female protagonist. There was family love, loyalty, and fights, something that is missing from allot of YA. There wasn't a love triangle. There was two guys but she wasn't in love with either of them. Friendship yes, but not love. I do think one of them will develope into love, but for once it didn't happen instantly or even in the first book.

Mare is a quick thinker, fast on her feet and would do anything to ensure her families safety.

Maven was a surprised, at first I thought he was the bad guy, mid way through I changed my mind and yet somehow he still managed to surprise me. I still feel I saw it coming. The whole relationship between Cal and Maven reminds me of Thor and Loki.

Cal is interesting, I would really like to hear his thoughts, to know what he is actually thinking.

I love characters like Julian

I am kinda disappointed about Shade. I feel like it was a cop-out.

I have yet to find the release date of book two, it probably won't be until next year. But I'll be waiting.