The Legacy of the Drow Book 2


Starless Night by R.A. Salvatore

I miss Wulfgar.

I miss Bruenor.

However I loved seeing Catti-brie. Seriously if I ever play a D&D character that's not Druid I would build something like her. I love her bow, seriously that thing is awesome.

This book is rather gloomy. Everyone is in mourning. Drizzt becomes very self centered and makes a stupid decision. Catti-brie responds well and off she goes. Though I do wish she would have treated Alustriel better. I feel like their relationship is weird and that I am missing something. Does Catti-brie love Drizzt more than just a friend. That would be very confusing considering Wulfgar, though he is dead now...

I want to know the Alustriel and Drizzt story. Also the deep gnomes and Drizzt story.

Entreri, I hope is a changed man. It shall be interesting to see how his character changes and if it does. One thing though, is he is a human. The older he gets the harder it will be to fight Drizzt. Where Drizzt is a dow and will live many years and is in his prime. The older Entreri gets the less changes he has to win.

Anyways I am sadly putting this series off until I have fulfilled some of my other reading obligations. But I own the other two books in the series so I will be back to it very soon!!