Black Butler


Vol 19
I believe I left Vol 18 with "Werewolves, curses, forbidden forests and tiny girls" and as usual Vol 19 picks up with 18 left off. This one is an interesting story line. Sometimes I wish I could share the beautiful artwork included in these books, because the artists in here are amazing!!

The Emerald Witch is an interesting character. I have yet to decide if she is good or bad. I lean bad for now. I am very glad that her feet shape was explained early on. But what I really want to know is how her butler is so bad and why is he the only man in the village? I original thought that maybe she was the werewolf but I don't believe that now.

I was not expecting Ceil to react the way he did. A very interesting turn of events. As he is a main character you know for a fact that he will overcome it. But it still was unexpected. I also am happy to learn about Finny's back story, a very interesting story indeed.

Vol 20 doesn't come out for a very long time... most depressing indeed.

Happy Ready!