Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain - Part Two

Hosted by Kristin from My Life as a Tea Cup

More on the Noveltea Book Club March book Quiet - I answered the first Fridays questions in this post and since then I have been super behind. The reason for it, is not because I haven't been enjoying the book. It's a great read and I've really been enjoying it. But it's also been a slow read.

When I first started reading, I identified myself as a True Introvert. In fact when I took the Jung Test (test number 1) and the 16 Personality Test (test number 2) my introversion was excessively high scoring.

Introvert 100% second test 86%
Intuitive 12% second test 28%
Feelings 12% second test 13%
Judging 56% second test 51%
second test 23% Turbulent

But the more I read into the book and reflect on my past, the more I think the test results are subject to how I am currently feeling. I have always been shy but until I worked for the bank I have always been up to anything and have always hated being home. 10 months of working at the bank I switch to a back office position where I was stuck in a cubicle all day. It was terrible, I hated every second of it until I was able to transfer out 10 months later into a role front customer facing. My role after that was even more, greet meet and direct, you had to be bubbly, out-going and able to multi-task events and clients. I loved almost every single minute of that job.

The next role is what almost killed me. It was a slow drain of energy with no ability of recharging after two and a half years, I quit. This role is what has made me really turn into myself and what has made me feel like an introvert. It's going to take my body and mind a long time to recharge and that's what brought me test results above.

I think I am more of a Ambivert - have introvert and extrovert traits, but in balance.

I also think that because of how run down I've become, due to only playing on the Extrovert side of my personality, the introvert side is taking over very heavily right now to compensate. Eventually I will balance out (hopefully). It's an interesting time to read this book. I have been confused by what I've been feeling and this is really helping me understand and put it to terms. And so I am taking my time to read and understand. I want to retain what I read verses my normal reading pattern.

Now I am very behind in answering the quickly questions, part they are good questions and I want to answer them.

March 13 - Questions
1) What are the benefits of working alone versus working on a team (when you are working on a creative project)? Which do you prefer or find more useful? In what circumstances?
My one team experience was in a severe sales role. Where we depended on each other to run events but the sales numbers were your own. It was competitive and dysfunctional. I am not a competitive person so I was okay with not stealing sales, I also took longer with my clients and got a high rate of good clients verses my co-workers. However in the end it's a numbers game and that's all banks general care about. This was not the best environment for me to work with.
Now within my own personal projects where I am working with a team of people, we all work within our own homes and on our computers. Skyping when needed, we function as a team contributing equally but separately. It is my favorite way to work and I would love to find an actual paying job that allows me to do this.

2) How is your workspace set up and how does it affect your work? How does your online work and relationship differ from in-person?
As I am not working, my personal projects are slow but steadily growing. I am learning on to manage my time and learning how to become productive in this environment. It's very different from every other environment I have ever worked within. I also have to remember to keep myself motivated. I read best when I am fresh from a trip out or late at night. So I have adjusted my schedule to accommodate for this.
In person I now come across as shy and quiet. When I was working I was rather bold and would direct approach. I am amazed at how much I have changed since January 2.

3) Nature vs Nurture -- Have you observed one or the other in your own life? 
This is such an interesting concept. My nature is Ambivert as mentioned above. But I nurtured myself into a very extroverted role. Now that I have been removed from that position I find I am very introverted. I think as I grow I will balance out more. I have definitely observed both within my own life.

4) What is your sensory "sweet spot"? How much stimulation is optimal for you?
My sensory sweet spot is a phone call, skype date or coffee date with a gorgeous friend a few time a week. These keep me motivated and consistently able to produce good work. I find that if I don't allow myself those meetings or arrangements I get way less done and start to depress which is never a good sign. I just have to remember not to hide from those amazing people.

5) How have you noticed your own sensitivity or empathy level? Are you more like Eleanor Roosevelt or FDR? How is your sensitivity different than your intro/extroversion?
I love Eleanor Roosevelt!! She is amazing, I never knew anything about her before. I definitely relate to her. Especially because I've done speeches and meetings, definitely not anywhere near her level. But she is amazing.
I have become very desensitized. One part of me is annoyed by this. I use to be so observant. I could notice a single change in a persons mood, expression, or clothing. It was a great skill. But I do think I have lost that skill - I'm gonna blame my last job ;)

I am really hoping I can finish the book by Wednesday, I figured out my "sweet spot" to reading it, be walking or at a coffee shop! So I plan to do that all for the rest of today, aka walking to a coffee shop. Though I am bringing Kevin, so not sure how much work will be done :)

Happy Sunday!