Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain - Part Three

Hosted by Kristin from My Life as a Tea Cup

If you follow my blogs at all you might now
a) That Marches Noveltea Book Club book was Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain.
b) That I have chosen a small yearly reading goal this year because I wanted to focus on feminism and personal growth.

When reading fiction I can read 50 pages in a half hour. So a book that is 271 pages (in the case of Quiet), I should technically be able to devour it under 3 hours. However this hasn't been the case. I read a page here or there wait a day or two and then end up rereading it. It's a struggle.

I am glad for the learning experience of the book. It's taught me allot about myself. But as of right now I am only on page 166 and that's 111 pages short of the end. I am choosing not to finish this book. But to one day come back. I want to save the questions from book club that I haven't yet answered for that time as well.

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March 20th Questions
1) What is your reward sensitivity? Do you find a correlation between high reward sensitivity and the extroverts in your life (or low reward sensitivity and introverts)?
I feel I am on the mid scale for sensitivity - I can be competitive (especially when playing PowerGrid) but overall I think I am on the lower end of the scale. I think this is true for allot of the people I know, especially my university student friends

2) What do you think would be the best way for extroverts to slow down and be more thoughtful, or for introverts to embrace spontaneity/adventure?
Experience, it comes down to learning when you need to slow down and when you need to embrace spontaneity. But it's variable for every person.

3) Soft power / quiet persistence -- Do you have any introverts in your life who demonstrate this quality? Do you think they are leaders or influential? Do you notice any advantages or disadvantages to quiet persistence?
Yes, I know a few people. I believe they are both leaders but that neither have yet to find that niche. Quiet persistence reminds me of the tale of the Bunny and the Turtle - slow wins the race.

4) Does anyone in this group consider themselves an ambivert (both extro- and introvert fluid)?
I am definitely an ambivert as mentioned in the previous post. That was very enlightening for me. I am very curious how I will change over the next few years.

5) Do you pretend to be the opposite of your true nature when the situation warrants? If you’re an introvert, do you make an effort to be more outgoing? If you’re an extrovert, do you make an effort to be more circumspect and observing? Do you have any problem with people who act the part?
As an ambivert I do play to whatever side is needed at the time. Most times this doesn't affect me negatively unless I play one side for too long :)
I don't have a problem with people who act the part, as long as they are happy with themselves and stay true to who they are.

The unanswered questions for one day!
March 27th Questions
1) The communication gap -- I felt like Chp 10 did well at illustrating the communication gap between introverts and extroverts, but not really how to overcome it. Thoughts? Recommendations? Have you experienced similar fights/discussions in your own life?

2) Susan Cain calls for a Quiet Revolution. Would you like to see this kind of movement take place and if so what is the #1 change you’d like to see happen?