Eyes of E'veria Book Two


The Remedy by Serena Chase

Book two picks right up for book one left off. It ends on a brilliant note and you have to wonder why there's a third book. My hope is that it continues erielle and cazien story line because that would be brilliant.

But as for Rose/Rynnai and Julian their story is complete. Complete with a jealousy scene where each over come fears of the other being tempted. I like that this story was not a love story and it wasn't insta love. It was a slow growth and the characters fell in love and grow together.

I like that while the parents aren't there fully, they are still parents who love and want the best for their child.

V-necks are a big description of dresses in this book. I'm not sure I would want a matching v in the front and back. But if one doesn't have boobs it might work.

I love that the little glowing creatures make a return.
It's sad Risson died but only one of the party is pretty good.
I hope the crazy thief comes back in book three and is united with his son. I am not sure if I like the idea of the king having a more heavy hand in the province but it's probably necessary die to the war that happened there.

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