Eyes of E'veria Book Three


The Seahorse Legacy by Serena Chase 

This one picked up exactly where I wanted it to. On the tails of Erielle and Cazien and their epic non-courtship.

I am disappointed it ended with the tales of another book that as of yet has not been put onto goodreads. How long will I have to wait to see how Erielle feels waking up married!!

Of the little missing boys?

I enjoyed this tale even though Erielle was very frustrating. She was prideful and very self-centered. As much as she wants to be a knight she has no true understanding of how it works. She wants to be top knight immediately and doesn't realize you must work through the ranks. It got a little frustrating reading her run away again. Or how many times she was captured and luck saves the day. A little to repetitive for my liking. But it was also a good build up to the next book.

I have really enjoyed this series by Serena Chase - even with the silly religious innuendos.

Happy Reading!!