Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

Vol 1
What I love is that this series didn't take 4 books for me to get into like the last manga I read. And I love the art of this one to. It is so beautiful the drawings and I want to pick a favorite ever book and that was actually hard in this series. My favorite is on pg 145. My favorite character is Kyo-kun, though I love Kagura Sohma's look, super cute!

So, so far we have Boar, Rat, Dog, and this missing Cat.

Vol 2
We get to met more o the Sohma's family and what a curious family it is. Their traditions and family structure is very strange, and I don't understand a bit of it. It feels to me as if they treat Kyo-kun as the adopted son, who can't do anything right. Boy does he have alot to prove. You may have figured it out, but if you haven't I am definitely on Kyo-kun's team! Yuki-kun is definitely a contendor, but I really hope that if it comes down to a choice Tohyu Honda will pick Kyo-kun!

Reading the books just makes me want to watch the anime series really really badly! And I will, but first I must finish the book series!

I love the author's side notes about Final Fantasy! Mr. would love that! Makes me want to make him read those side notes. I have no idea what she is usually talking about as I haven't played anything she talks about, but it sure is fun to read about!!

off to read Vol 3!!
Oh favorite picture, I think pg 31 for Vol 2!