Bumped by Megan McCafferty

Release Date: April 26 2011
Publisher: HarperCollins - Balzer + Bray
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4
Cover Thoughts: eah, Its definitely not my kinda cover
My Review: I am actually not sure why I even asked to review this book to start. The subject is far from my ideal genre of a book. First off, gah the whole idea of pregnancy and babies is a big turn off and well I won't be having any of them.

However. this book was fantastic! I really enjoyed it. Megan wrote in the perfect amount of humor and her characters where fabulous. Melody was definitely my favorite. She wanted to do everything her parents had raised her for. She wanted to be the perfect one in the society she lived in. But at the same time she was completely fighting against it. She was/is very much like me. I grew up very much like her.

And then you have Harmony. She didn't know any better. I know so many girls just like her. But I only know less than a handful that have actually had the guts to do what Harmony left. The thing I do not like, is the ending. I am so tired of books that have strings. This is why I enjoy old books so much better, there are definite endings, all loose ends are tied up and the author isn't just writing to make the 'next big series'

Overall though, I really enjoyed the book and will definitely be looking for Megan McCafferty books!

One of my favorite lines is

 Zen clamps his hand over my mouth. 'Are you trying to get me arrested?'
  'Where did you get that thing?' I mumble into his palm.
   'Let's just say it's an antique,' he says, holding it up for me to see the expiration date: March 2025. 'The last batch before the ban.' He regards it with a look of awe. 'It should really be in a museum.'
 'I didn't think it would look like that,' I say. 'How are you supposed to put that on you...' "

 HAHA!!! Happy Reading