The Lightkeepers Ball by Colleen Coble

Release Date: April 19 2011 (1 month away!)
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Received from: NetGalley
Cover Thoughts: Well it was most definitely the cover that grabbed my attention. I love old fashioned RED dresses!!
My Review:
Sigh, I always hate it when I find the last book of the series first. I don't actually know if this is the last book but it sure is the Third Book. It's the Third book in a series called Mercy Falls by Colleen Coble.

Oh and in case you didn't know. I did a Teaser on this book and a Waiting on Wednesday post! Now onto my actually thoughts:
I read this in one night. It is that good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so nice to read about a brilliant girl in an age where women don't have the ability to do anything. I think that is what I enjoyed most about the book.

The book is written in the point of history were woman have yet to gotten the right to vote. Where aeroplanes are not yet invented. And where the idea of modesty is extremely different from todays. Titles also have big meaning in this book. There are so many political points in the book and it was so nice to read. It wasn't just drama. It felt like there was some meaning.

Eleanor: though we don't actually get to met her. There are things about her that really interested me. Like her ideas and thoughts behind decorating Olivia's room.
Harrison: well. Wow an innovated man. Is that even the right word. He really surprised me. I loved when he named another character Essie it was fabulous and so nice. It was something I actually had thought about earlier on in the story and it pretty much my favorite moment in the book - the time spent in the woods.
Olivia: she was fabulous. She stood up and did what she wanted and find a way to make things work. I really enjoyed her character and definitely could relate. She reminded me of .. well me. I would hope I could be like that if I had lived in that day and age.

The only thing I would change is the way the one characters name. There was three names for the character and sometimes I found it confusing and annoying the different chances. She always should have been referenced in the same way when she was talking or thinking. And only the other characters her knew her by the other two names should have referenced her the other way. If that makes sense.

Must definitely find the first two books of the series.