Why Jane Austen? by Rachel M. Brownstein

Release Date: June  7 2011
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: no rating
Cover Thoughts: I want the procelin figurian. Though I have no idea where I would put it. But my end goal is to have an everything Jane Austen collection shelf, so I would probably add it to that.
My Review:

In this book, Rachel M. Brownstein considers Jane Austen as heroine, moralist, satirist, romantic, woman, and author, along with the changing notions of these categories over time and texts. She finds echoes of many of Austen's insights and techniques in contemporary Jane-o-mania, a commercially driven, erotically charged popular vogue that aims to preserve and liberate, correct and collaborate with old Jane. Brownstein's brilliant discussion of the distinctiveness and distinction of the novelist's genius clarifies the reasons why we read Jane Austen or why we should read her and reorients the prevailing view of her work. Reclaiming the rich comedy of Austen while building a new narrative of authorship, Brownstein unpacks the novelist's fascinating entanglement with her readers and admirers.

What to say. This is not my type of book. I would never read something like a biography. I have tried, but usually I ended up extremely bored. I really enjoyed the last one I read though (Jane Austen: A Life Revealed by Catherine Ree). This book however goes allot deeper.
Rachel Brownstein is a wonderful writer and this is no reflection of her work. It's just not my thing... So I made it about 10 pages in before I started to dozen off. I have tried a couple more times to read it, but it's just not happening. So I am considering this one a failure on my part and not finishing this book. I have only ever done that once before. It's a very strange thing for me...