Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

Vol 3.
I started reading this one right after my review of Vol's 1 and 2. And then it got misplaced and I started reading a bunch of other books. So I don't remember all of the story. I am a little confused by the end though. Momiji is a boy... but he looks like a girl and the he shares a bed with Tohru Honda. Which is just wrong seeing as he's one year younger than her, though she doesn't find that out until the next day. Until then she thinks he's an elementary kid and he of course does nothing to fix her mindset. I really am curious about the characters hair colours, because it keeps coming up in conversation. I want to see them coloured and know exactly what they look like. Oh and I feel like I am getting all the characters mixed up. But I think it's due to my break in reading the manga.

My favorite picture is a debate between pages 154, 162 and 183-4.

Oh and a Onsen Tour. I had no idea what that was, but apparently it is an Open-Air bath. Can't wait to do a private one with Mr.

Vol 4.
Okay so the difference with this review, is that I wrote it as a play by play as I was reading the book. So you pretty much get the occasional one-liners from my head. 
Hajimemashite!! That's Japanese for "how do you do."

Okay Kyo and Honda-san PG 19!! SO HOTTTTT!!
WOW Akito Sohma is totally not what I expect, I thought he would be old.. Like crazy white haired old man old! I really liked him at first and then he got creepy and then started treating Yuki horribly. Ayame totally looks like a girl. Boobs, long hair the works!! How Honda-san meets him is extremely disturbing. But you'll have to read the book to find out why. OMG he's even creepier than Akito. But for completely different reason. Ayame is like a dirty old man.

It is so sad about Momiji mother. I am glad that the whole Sohma marriage and parenting thing has been explained. Though I am still confused on how they have children, I'll try not to think about that. His sister is soo cute. And of course I love the name Momo (Spice and Yarn have a Momo too, and it's adorable!)

pg 162 is a cute picture too. I want his hat

Hanajima and Arisa outfits for visiting Honda-san's grave are very interesting, so are some of the thongs Honda-san says about her mother. I very much want to try a Kashiwa-mochi - rice cake wrapped in oak leaf. Do different leaf's taste differently when mixed with rice?

And well, that's the last book I have :( hopefully will get the rest soon! Oh and here's the HOT picture :)