Black Bird by Kanoko Sakurakoji

I am pretty sure I do not like reading manga online. However I keep hearing wonderful things about this manga. And I really just wanted to read it. So I was sent to this website and that is where I will be reading this manga series from!

Chapter 1. (Manga Net Link)
Well I most certainly wasn't expecting this to happen. I don't know what I was expecting actually. I have read the synopsis. But, anyways. Lots happen and it's so good and I can not wait to read more! Darlyn & Books actually wrote a really good review, regarding this series. She's a much better writer than me.

Misao Harada is our main character. Who on top of being in high school and dealing with that drama has to deal with the drama of having monsters that no one else can see following her around and causing trouble. Misao has gorgeous blonde hair and Kyo is just dark and mysterious. This is looking like the start of a fantastic series!

Chapter 2. (Manga Net Link
Interesting cover. I was going through all the covers and she always seems crying or tied up or held up somehow. Now sure how I like that. I like STRONG woman. But at the same time, everyone likes a hero. Is that what is gonna happen?? It also depends on which cover you find. Vol 2 for example the goodreads cover doesn't show a girl tied up but on Manga net, she definitely doesn't look happy. Did the actual published series get toned down?

Favorite picture so far is Vole 2 page 16. However the girl is not kind. I was extremely surprised but what the girl did. I wasn't able to find her name. I am a little sad about it. I was hoping that Misao and her would become friends.

Tarou is the cutest little monster ever! Kyo's true form is very "eerily beautiful" I love the humor in the story! Otherwise this would be a really dark story.

Chapter 3. (Manga Net Link)
YEA! The beak thing is Kyo's true form or his Tengu form isn't actually a real beak. Thank goodness that would have scared me. He looks a million times better without it.

Poor Misao. I don't mind heights. As a child heights were fascinating but not so much now. I could not imagine the terror of being forced so high up against ones will. Kyo punishing seems super unfair and wrong. He has a very twisted mind set (well he is a demon). He reminds me of the criminals they pursue on shows like Criminal Minds. But yet, you just want Misao to fall in love with him and things to turn out happily ever after, even if he is a demon.

Chapter 4. (Manga Net Link)
It's interesting learning about the different types of demonds. Tengu - is a crow demon (Kyo) and Youko - is a fox demon (Kuzunoha Shuhei). For looks Kyo is much more appealing. However a fox is much more appealing than a crow. 

I am trying to decided whether I want to do individual Vol's like this or do one complete post for the ending. The only issue is the manga hasn't ended and that won't work.

Things to note in this Chapter Misao finds some things out and is unsure on how to handle them. I totally understand where is is coming from and going through those emotions are hard. Kanoko Sakurakoji has done a fabulous job writing and illustration those emotions. Actually all the illustrations are really well done, from the blood to the details in the feathers.

Who is your favorite character? 

Chapter 5. (Manga Net Link)
HAHAH she finally caught Kuzunoha in a lie! As much as he is a fun character and he wants to marry her I definitely don't want her to do so. Kyo is a million times better. But I probably just think that due to him being way more mysteriously. Mysterious is supposedly more dangerous but in this case I feel like Kyo would be a safer bet than Kuzunoha. 

I wrote that above paragraph and then the two of them fought and an interesting fight indeed. I don' think I can do anymore of this chapter by chapter thing. I'll just post a debriefing whenever I end somewhere and can't go back and read for a while or when I hit the last one available. 

If you have a moment though go check out the Manga!!