Black Bird by Kanoko Sakurakoji

BOOOOOO I caught up to the printed end! This is why I don't like reading manga! I never find anything finished that's as good! (for example Black Bulter, and now...)

This is a really fabulous manga series and I have really enjoyed it. It's even been a bit adult for me. I don't usually read anything adult-ish. But it was just so fascinating I had to read and read and read and now I've got nothing left to read until it publishes again! I am super sad, but I really enjoyed it.

here is one of my favorite pictures.

I think I like it best when Kyo's dressed in non-traditional clothes, he looks good in a shirt and tie. Shou is terrifying. Quite the bad guy he is. The spider story line does worry me a bit. Because I hate spiders, hate them to the point where I will make Mr. come home and kill them for me!

Sigh... so sad I finished it, and can't wait to read the rest!!

Oh I read 7 thru 26. I wonder if there is a anime yet? Sorry this isn't much of a review. It's just to much like a online comic for me to do a proper review of story and everything. You should just read it :)