Target by Stella Cameron

Mr. fixed my EReader and my MP3 player two days later!! Thank goodness for amazing boyfriends!!

"...chilling suspense and red-hot romance." - Tess Gerritsen

While what Tess wrote on the front of the book isn't completely accurate, it is what the book was suppose to be. I didn't really feel any suspense, but there was definitely some chilling moments. The red-hot romance I could definitely have done without, but it was there.

It was really hard to get into this book. I struggled with reading it. But I did want to know the end. I really really wanted to know what Mary wrote in the letter to Nick, which you don't actually get to find out until the last two pages! I also wanted to know Sarah and Aurelie's big secret and was very disappointed when I learned what their secret was. It was so under dramatic. I was expecting something way better, especially for how much build up there was.

All in all I think I am disappointed in the book. It didn't turn out as great as I thought it was building up to. I expected more.

The strangest part is that I got this book from Mr.'s Grandpa, who neither of us took to read such stories.