The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis

Book 6 of the Chronicles of Narnia
I challenged myself this week to read all 7of the Narnia books!

This one comes very close to being my favorite, but not quite there. There's not quite as much drama or advantage in this one as the rest. But I quite like Pole and Scrubb. It seems to me that I almost don't enjoy the story when the Pevensie kids are in it. Maybe because then there's too many characters.

I swear there is a movie about this or maybe my imagination is just that great. But I have seen the gaints house and what a house it is. Gaints are awfully ugly and it's quite entertaining when the children realize why they are there.

I don't know how Pole did so well being under ground. I hate small spaces and I think I would majorly freak out at least for the first 1 hour or so. Being under for so long would be despair. I LOVE the sun, it is when reason why winter bothers me so much. I don't see enough sun.

Rillian is quiet the character and I wish we read more advantages about him, it would be awesome to compare him to his father. I knew about his father in the beginning, but it still came as a great shock. AND the ending was very satisfying!

I can't believe I have one more book to go!