The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis

Book 7 of The Chronicles of Narnia
I challenged myself this week to read all 7 of the Narnia books!

The last book of the series. Also the saddest of the bunch and I want to say the most gruesome. This is a tale I did not enjoy as much as any of the other books. I think it's actually my least favorite out of them all. First Tirian is just not my favorite character. He reminds me of a selfish little boy who does not think. They mention that he has fought in great wars and yet he acts as if he has lived in peace all his days. Would things have turned out differently if he had gone back and gotten and army before confronting the Ape.

My favorite character is of course Jewel the Unicorn. How can a Unicorn not be your favorite. He is such a wonderful creature! Random Fact. Jewel the Unicorn told Jill Pole stories as they walked. One story

"He told how King Gale, who was ninth in descent from Frank the first of all Kings, had sailed far away into the Eastern seas and delivered the Lone Islanders from a dragon and how, in return, they had given him the Lone Islands to be part of the royal lands of Narnia forever." It's kinda nice having that question answered.

I do like the ending were they all come together. What a site that would have been seeing Lord Digory, Lady Polly, High King Peter, King Edmund, Queen Lucy and of course King Eustance and Queen Jill, though I am confused how the last of the two became King and Queen. It's also nice that my favorite characters from books are brought back Cor and Aravis from the Horse and His Boy.

Well I can't believe I did it. I read all of the Narnia books in a very short period of time. I read them much quicker than the posts. As I only like to do one post a day on this blog :) But these were good books indeed and now back in my drawer they go probably until next year!