Book Club!

Hosting book club was so much fun! I made cheesecake which was soooo yummy. I found cute little glasses to hold my yummies and served it up at Fab-Flyier Lady house. She has the cutest house BTW and bowls and puppy.

Fab-Flyier Lady made amazing cupcakes and Book Lover.. another fab girl brought chocolate covered jujujubes which pretty awesome!
look at the napkins!!!! :)

So onto the book. Things we chatted about
1. Why marriage... we couldn't figure out why they didn't just knock the girls up and do it. Why go through the it. We suppose it might make the girls actually stay and not run away. Where if they are married to the guy maybe they won't run away.

2. The weather... the book says they are in far Florida. But there's snow and hurricanes and stuff. So Florida doesn't even make sense.

3. That brings up point number 3, with the war or whatever it was that threw off everything Global warming or whatever. We all agreed that even though the characters are taught that there is nothing left in the world but parts of North America. We think that the rest of the world is still there.

4. Everyone was creeped out by Vaughen.

And yea it was a fabulous book club. I tried a new wine! Which I am gonna pick up again for Mr. and me to share!