Authors from A to Z

Letter I
I went through looked and looked to see if I had read any books by an author with the last name starting with 'I'. No luck. So what I decided to do was find some classic books and author's with last names that match what I need. My goal is to read 12 Classic books this year and I get to hear about someone I haven't before! The difference with this author is I have read his book before.
Actually way back in Grade 12, I was the assistant back stage manager of the high school play of Sleepy Hollow! Here's my favorite picture from that time! Gorgeous (who just got married) and my sister (the Golden Child) is the one with the Beard!

 Here is a picture from the set!

What a great time we had! I will definitely never forget Washington Irving's short story!
Thanks Wikipedia for their 100 Classic Book Collection!