Black Bulter Vol 3 by Yana Toboso

If you didn't read my Vol 2 review... you should because when I wrote that review I was upset about what a horrendous ending it had. It ended MID battle! SO I was most excited to read Vol 3.

Manga is so like anime it is crazy. The battle scene that started in Vol 2 ends half ways though Vol 3. What an epic battle it was too. I think my favorite part was the side story on Lady Red and learning about Ciel's family. Sometimes I wish the books were in colour so I could see the details put into Lady Red's clothes, or even Ciel and Sebastian.

The battle scene while extremely long would take like 3 or 4 minutes in a anime. But I like to think it would be drawn out into three or four episodes. The last page ending has be extremely curious and I also wonder if we will see the Grim Reapers again.

Off to read!! :)