Black Bulter Vol 4 by Yana Toboso

Vol 4 ends in the middle of a Curry Battle!

Isn't that a funny line! Seriously though Sebastian is going to be fighting the butler from the character on the last page of Vol 3. This book was filed with humor.

It's very hard to write a review when I am watching a TV Show at the sametime.

The first battle with Agni and the Prince was really good, but I was actually disappointed in the end. The book started off really series, but then after that battle things became all about the humor. And while I really enjoyed that I missed the seriousness and the blood and guts from the 2nd and 3rd volumes.

I do expect a massive battle coming in Volume 5, which I have on order and should be getting soon. I expect that the series will get serious again in that volume. Sebastian is still my favorite person even. And actually out of all the books I think page 115 the title page of Chapter 18 is my favorite picture throughout the whole series so far. I would very much like it if Mr. and I could find anime costumes like in that picture!

Anyways I can't wait to get Volume 5 and see the end of the curry match!