Replay by Keira Lea

I won this copy from Mission to Read you can read about it in this post.

I really enjoyed this book. But I want to start at the beginning. I really hated the beginning, Kelsee Lewis was a horrendous brat at the start of the book. The first 60 pages were frustrating,  I hated  Kelsee she was a spoiled rich kid who only cared about herself. She made her mother out to be a horrible person but her mother went through so much.

And then, it just got better. Like WAY better, it got interesting. The characters got depth and the story just grew. I am kinda sad the book was so short. Kelsee really grew up and accept responsibility. I kinda wish this book was a series, but it's not :(

I would definitely read another book by Keira Lea

P.S. oh I find it really intriguing that the characters name is Kelsee Lewis and the author is Keira Lea. And I love the sound of Keira Lea it flows so nicely.