The Legacy: A Novel by Katherine Webb

Release Date: September 1 2011
Publisher: HarperCollins
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4 Stars
Cover Thoughts: perfect for the story. Fits in well.
Review: I sat out under the sun for 4 hours and read this book. It was well written and I could not wait to get to the parts where you heard Caroline story. While Beth and Erica's stories were interesting, I really wanted to read and hear about Caroline and her journey.

I didn't get how the two stories where connected until halfways through. But the actual connection was very interesting. And I kinda wished Erica had followed up and found the rest of the connecting family in America. My only unanswered questions are about what happened with the family in America. Their story was not finished. But it wasn't fully their story, so I suppose it's alright that their side got unanswered.

The mystery of the family is really interesting and how Caroline became the person she does, is very drastic. I very much enjoyed the story, hence the reason I read it in one sitting! It's allot of pages though, enough that you get all the best parts of the story.