Sigma Force by James Rollins

Sandstorm, Book 1

Where to start on this book. First, if it wasn't for book club I totally wouldn't have picked it up. Second, there are some contradicting things in the book that kinda bothered me. Third, there was tons of characters and lots of death. and Fourth, I absolutely loved it and can't wait to continue reading the series, so far there's 7 books and I'm pretty sure it's not finished yet.

SO one contradicting part is the timeline. Not the timeline the book runs on because that was consistent but the timeline the characters talked about. Most of the characters are archeologist, so they go from billions of years ago to the Christian theory of the beginning of the world and do so without stating which they believe is actually true. I've never had a book combine both theories into one. It's like the author had no opinion, he doesn't lean one way or the other just states facts. The characters also didn't stand on one side or the other. It was strange and actually refreshing to have no biased. I think sitting down and chatting Theology with the author would make for a very interesting conversation. As much as he doesn’t have a set opinion in the book I think he would have opinions in real life. To find out what he believed would be for informative as he would be diplomatic about it and not passionate. People who speak with passion only want to talk you into believing the way they do. I feel like James Rollins wouldn’t do that.

Characters! Yikes was there allot of them! off the top of my head we have Harry, Lady Kensington aka Kara, Safia Al-Maaz, Billie (who’s actually a cat!), Ryan Fleming, Painter Crowe, Cassandra Sanchez, Habib, Clay Bishop, Omaha Dunn aka Indiana Jones, Danny Dunn, Coral Novak, John Kane, Yanni, Captian al-Haffi, Barak, Kalil, Dr Jacques Bertrand, Sean McKnight, Sharif, Lu’lu and I could go on! (BTW I did look up how to spell their names)

Out of all of those characters, most either die or are injured in some form. You would think that with so many characters that they would be hard to keep track of, but it actually wasn’t a problem. The book is extremely well written. The only time I did struggle was during major actions scenes, I would read it, read it fast because it was so exciting but then I would have to go back and reread it to make the scene make more sense, because sometimes it felt like I missed something. And there are tons of actions scenes!

For religion we’ve got Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. There’s mention of Moses, Abraham, Job, Jesus, Muhammad, King Solomon, Queen of Sheba, and many more. Once again we have no opinion. They are just part of the history.

I am so looking forward to the next book! I just have to decided whether or not I am gonna buy the whole series or use my EReader for them.