Black Bulter Vol 5 by Yana Toboso

You may remember that Vol 4 ended in the middle of a Curry Battle! But little did I know that book was just the beginning not even close to being the middle!

Vol 5

While the idea of the Curry battle seemed completely silly and slightly off topic for the book series. It was the right fit for the story and did met a goal of the Phantomhive Family. AND it was just so entertaining!

The Curry Festival would be so much fun to go to!! And what Sebastian came up with is a very interesting idea, I am actually curious if I can find something like that to buy for lunches as that would be a fantastic idea!

How the winner is decided is even better. The queen was an unexpected twist as were her changing mood swings. I can't way to see more of the circus and what that even means. Also do Agni and Prince Soma stay as side characters?

With the help of the books and Wiki! and I have written out a couple random things about the Supporting Characters to the Black Butler Series

Bardroy (the household cook)
Finnian (gardener)
Mey-Rin (the maid)
They were strays before Young Master (aka Ciel) found them and brought them to his home. I do wonder at their importance other than comedy relief, I know they are to protect Ciel but they don't seem to do much more than... screw up. Though they are fiercely loyal to Ciel.

Then there is the mystery of Lau a Chinese noble and President of the British branch of a Chinese trading company and his 'sister' Ran-Mao.