The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegan

Have you ever read a book that's just so good you want more and more? You just want to dive deeper and deeper soaking up the characters, the descriptions, and the fantasy.

That would be this book.

Release Date: September 27, 2011
Publisher: Egmont USA
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 5 Stars
Cover Thoughts: Absolutely amazing! I want her dress and her hair. Amazing!! :)
Review: Book 1: The Redemption of Ajax

This book doesn't come out until September and this is the first NetGalley Book that I am for sure buying on release date! I can not wait to hold the book and look at it's gorgeous cover! Who knows when the second book will be released by fingers crossed it's ASAP!

Where to start on this book.

1. The quote I shared on Teaser Tuesday is one of my favorites.

2. The build up on the sex part of the book, had me wanting them to just do it already. Which is extremely weird as I hate sex in a book, but I couldn't wait for it to happen. And that very small part was written very well.

3. I loved loved 'Boo'

4. The betrayal was completely expected but so sad. I was really hoping it wont come true.

5. I was really happy when the whole story about Jane came out. I think that Pheonix will be able to heal with it all out in the opening.

6. There was only one sentence that annoyed me. And I bookmarked it to share. "Instead, she bit into the stale muffin and decided sawdust would taste about like this." I am awful with grammar, so I am not usually one to judge but this sentence just drives me nuts.

7. Ajax reminds me allot of Mr. How weird is that?? Especially when he takes Sasha shopping. I find their similarities slightly disturbing. The only difference is that Mr. does not fight the evil part of himself, pretty sure there ain't an evil bone in the guy. But the main personalities traits of Ajax and Mr are pretty similar. It was really nice to read about a guy so similar to mine!

8. The ending was so perfect but gah... when's the next book. Who will the next book focus on?? Will it be a different brother or continue off where we leave off? Will there be a prequel about the brothers father and mother? (cause that would be awesome)

Mr is a genius and said I should see if I can pre-order this book on Book Depository.. Fingers crossed I can!!