Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

Passion, book 3

I started of not liking this series. But it has grown and evolved into a very good storyline. This bad far is my favorite of the series. I enjoyed the time travel and watching the past. Though so of it felt a little fake and I am not sure hoe true what she wrote is to the actual time.

This is a very light fast read. I also like the fact that Luce was the focus of the book, not her friends or Daniel. I still don't know if I like Daniel, I prefer Cam but they both have things I dislike about them.

I do wish I hadn't read the last chapter. I hate cliffhangers and if you skip the page 418 to the end the book ends on a good note. Though I don't know anyone who could stop there.

The last page lets us know the final book Rapture is coming spring of next year. I'll have to look for it in NetGalley!

Happy Reading

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