Black Bird 27-28 by Kanoko Sakurakoji

Chapter 27
Chapter 28

It's been so long since I've read this manga, since the end of March. And only two new chapters have been released! I am conflicted on this manga. Do I like it or do I hate it? I just don't know if I like how Kyo treats her. He is really sweet and than he throws these silly tests at her. Like will she let him sleep with another woman to guarantee the safety of the clan? But I think that was actually Chapter 26 (as I reread that one to make sure I was all caught up)

It was kinda nice to see the two of them alone together for once. Misao finally realizes how spoiled Kyo really is. I mean his never been in a kitchen before. I really wish though that she had high ambitions than making him, his food and doing his laundry. But that is the life she is debating on. 

I am curious about the newest character. How he got his scar and what his big secret power is. Fingers crossed a new chapter comes soon. 

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