Kristin Cashore - Second Read

 Graceling by Kristin Cashore - my first review can be seen here

I received book copies of Fire and Graceling my two most favorite books from Proud Book Nerd about a month ago! I debated reviewing them again, but they are just so good. I can't help myself and I hope to do the  books better justice this time around. Though I bet anything my emotions will get in the way of a good review.

In this case I did a pretty good job with my first review. I simply love Kristin Cashore's books and I am dying for more.

What I will add is that there are so many twists and plots a few you guess but many just out right surprise you. You aren't expecting those things to happen. And even though I had read the book before I had forgotten about one twist and it still took my by surprise.

I love the characters in this book. They are fiercly loyal. Po greatly reminds me of Mr. when he is full of self-confidence and I wish I had the strength that Katsa has to pull him back on his feet and lead him on when he is sad and depressed. There is no forced love in this book, it feels very real.

I simply can not wait until there is more books by Kristin! Happy Reading

Oh for a really GREAT review of Graceling check out Mission to Read and her post about the book!

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