It might seem like a small thing,

but to me it made my day so much bright and filled me with happiness.

Proud Book Nerd mentioned ME (yes ME!!!) in her BBAW Community post! and she wrote a lovely little blurb. And I never want to forget it

Namine has become someone I’d consider a good friend. If I’m honest, I think part of the connection is that she reminds me of one of my sisters. I do not think that’s the only reason we’ve become friends, but I think it was a catalyst. (I hope, Namine, that this makes sense to you and isn’t a bad thing! ) She is sweet, kind, and a lot of fun to chat with. Add to that, she’s so supportive of me, and I appreciate it so very much. (Love you, Namine! )

Thank you so much Darling for mentioning me and writing such wonderful things about me! LOVE YOU!!! Can't wait to one day met you and give you the biggest hug in history!

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