Hamlet And Ophelia by John Marsden

Shakespeare has always intrigued me. I think I may have even read Hamlet in high school, but I don't remember because at that age I was much more interested in 'wild' books than confusing poems. I do know that the Hamlet version I remember was boring and dull because there was no girls. I somehow missed Ophelia. The original reason I grab this book to look at is because the cover is so lovely!

This version is a quick simple read. There isn't many confusing lines. What I liked is that it was straight to the point, but with lots if drama. I find it funny how Hamlet handled his two guard. I feel sorry for his mother and wonder if she did it on purpose. I also debate if Ophelia would have stayed the same if Hamlet hadn't gone away. The focus wasn't the romance which is why this was a good book. Most authors focus on the romance way to much.

I will definitely read this again! For now I'm lending it out to a Co-worker or two

Oh and the main line - To Be or Not to Be... is totally not in this book at all.

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