Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Masquerade (Blue Bloods #2) by Melissa de la Cruz

I like how the different versions of vampires they are. You have Stephenie Meyers disgusting view on Vampires (all sparkles and sunshine), L.J. Smith view that they are dark and mysterious but cling to humanity, Christopher Pike's version of the one true Vampire. And now Melissa de la Cruz were Vampires are fallen angels meant to drink blood for following Lucifer out of Heaven.

I found myself very disappointed that the Masquerage scene was such a short part of the book. And the descriptions weren't the best. I wanted so much more out of that scene than what we got. I also hate how she describes Schuyler (which is still a weird name)

But my disappointments aren't enough to stop me from greatly enjoying the story. I love Lawrence as a character. He is very precise in his actions and thinks things through. The reasons behind his separation from Schuyler's Grandmother are very interesting.

I also find it kinda creepy that the power of attraction transferred from mother to daughter. That is insanely creepy and I really wish Gabrielle would wake up and we could hear her side. Or maybe even just a dream, that would work for me. And what is Gabrielle and Michael's relationship?

Bliss is becoming a very  interesting character and I can not wait to find out more about her. And who is Gabrielle's other child? Is it who I think it is?? Now I just have to find book three!

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