Desired by Ginger Garrett

Release Date: October 1, 2011
Publisher: David C Cook
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 3
Cover Thoughts: muh
Review: What to say about Desired... I didn't like it but it was good. It was really good a great story and an interesting way to see Samson.
I loved the first part with Samson's first wife. Her story was my favorite and so sad. Her chooses in life were hard to make and I couldn't imagine being in that situation. I couldn't imagine the feeling of your parents selling you and pressures of knowing you must get a good price because you have no brothers for your parents to live off of.
Delilah left very much to be desired (which is ironic). Her story was good until she had a fight with another priestess and people died. I stopped enjoying the novel after that. Delilah acted like a spoiled rotten girl except that she didn't grow up that way. Understand her reasons for betrayal and the ending kind of made of for it, but not enough for me to say I loved the book.
There were some things in the story that bothered me, like Delilah's parents showing up in the end. I feel there was no need to mention that as that is all that was said.
I have been enjoying reading bible stories with imagination, I read Esther a month or so ago. They make me think about the things I learned as a kid and I kind of want to start looking into that and learning the truth again, but not in my parents way. If that makes sense...

Anyways it's almost Christmas! I don't think I will hit my reading goal! But it was fun trying! Happy Friday

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