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Clutter Box
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Self Portrait Project

Happiness itself is often subtle and incomplete
— Roxane Gay

This will be my tenth year of Self Portraits. Each year I try to say something creative about why I am taking these types of pictures. The fact is, I just enjoy them. I love photography and the subject I have the easiest access to, is myself. I am happier today than I have ever been, a huge part of that comes from the self exploring I have done through my portraits. I hope you enjoy them as well.


Previous Years


Trying new things, building good habits, and living my best life.


The year of becoming me and finding out what that means.


Continuing to grow as a photographer and adding words to further explore that growth. 


Visually exploring the world of self portraits, taking it from base outfit photos to a little more.


Short hair and red eyes might be the feature but I was excited by life and the changes being made. 


Personal life was excellent, work like was miserable. Finding balance was a struggling.


A year of learning what I was willing to do for the betterment of my relationship. 


Becoming more adventurous my imagery became more creative as I started to explore different angles.


Low on confidence and looking to track what I wore, I started taking Self Portraits.