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Clutter Box
{clut.ter} A confused or disordered state or collection; A jumble

Self Portrait Project


About the project

A long time ago, a blogger I followed hosted a weekly self-portrait challenge. I joined purely out of boredom and a need to be creative and discovered something I was passionate about. Portraits started off as a way to record my outfits and with each image I grew more confident in who I was as a person. Seeing my image on the screen taught me much about self love and self respect. My portraits are very different from when I first started. I use them to help me express the emotions I am feeling. Words tend to fail me on their own, but when mixed with an image they come alive.


Previous Years


The year of becoming me and finding out what that means.


Becoming more adventurous my imagery became more creative as I started to explore different angles.


Continuing to grow as a photographer and adding words to further explore that growth. 


Short hair and red eyes might be the feature but I was excited by life and the changes being made. 


Visually exploring the world of self portraits, taking it from base outfit photos to a little more.


A year of learning what I was willing to do for the betterment of my relationship. 


Personal life was excellent, work like was miserable. Finding balance was a struggling.


Low on confidence and looking to track what I wore, I started taking Self Portraits.